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WAEMU's regional financial market financing NDCs
WAEMU's regional financial market financing NDCs

WAEMU's regional financial market financing NDCs

Speakers: -Mohamed BOUSSAID -Tiangoua KONE -Davinah Milenge -Méry YAOU -Marc DAUBREY

Time & Location

02 Dec 2023, 14:00 – 15:30

BOAD Pavilion, Blue Zone

About the event


  • Mohamed BOUSSAID, Regional Manager MENA & Africa (Francophone) - NDC Partnership
  • Tiangoua KONE , Coordinator Climate Promise – UNDP
  • Davinah Milenge, Principal Programme Coordinator - AfDB
  • Méry YAOU, Point Focal UNFCCC Togo - Direction de l’environnement du Togo
  • Marc DAUBREY – Expert CDN

The overall objective of this side event is to find concrete solutions for the financing of NDCs in WAEMU countries by the WAEMU regional financial market through green, social and sustainable bonds. 

Specifically, this will involve:

  • Presenting the CDN projects of four (4) UEMOA countries, namely Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Togo; 
  • Raising awareness about the opportunities offered by the WAMU regional financial market for financing the sustainable development of the States of the Union and in particular the financing of CDN projects; 
  • Facilitating dialogue between stakeholders on questions of financing sustainable development, namely issuers (States), investors, financial market professionals as well as other institutions supporting sustainable financing and the fight against change climatic;
  • Identifying specific and budgeted projects in the CDNs and propose concrete innovative financing mechanisms through the regional financial market; 
  • Encouraging private sector investors in UEMOA countries as well as impact investors at the international level to invest in bonds that will be issued by UEMOA States to finance CDN projects.

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